Dualtech 420 spray machine

Taurus Craco Machinery

The Giardina Dualtech 420 spray machine, which sells through Taurus Craco Machinery, has two reciprocating arms designed to spray stain, primer, and finishes onto all smooth or shaped surfaces. 

It is available in three versions:

  • Single Belt (SB) with a 2,000 mm synthetic belt equipped with the traditional and reliable product recovery and belt cleaning system
  • Single Belt Paper (SBC) with a disposable paper system
  • Dual Belt (DB) with a synthetic belt and disposable paper system so that the operator can choose the most suitable system

The abatement system can be dry, or the water curtain Dualfast gun quick-change system makes it possible to switch from one color to another in a few seconds.

All Dualtech spray machines have in common is the top quality of key technical features, including two opposing painting arms and a large cabin that guarantees an optimal application on both the panel’s surface and edges. 

Other noteworthy features are the technology to recover paint from the conveyor belt and the latter’s cleaning system, unequalled solutions for extremely low washing solvent consumption, a longer belt service life, and an effortless operation. 

All Dualtech machines can be fitted with accessories and technological solutions to increase their flexibility, productivity, and reliability. This includes the Dualfast, the system that allows you to change guns – and the spraying circuit – in less than 60 seconds. You can therefore maintain optimal working conditions. There is also the PLC controlled vertical positioning system of the guns also guarantees excellent painting cycle repeatability. The electronic control for the ventilation inside the spray chamber is required to extend the spray machine’s efficiency and operating time. 

All versions are available with a Dry or Wet solid particulate disposal system. 

GiardinaGroup presents Dualtech 420, the brand new automatic spray machine that can apply stains and pigmented and clear coatings on smooth or shaped surfaces. 

The perfect synthesis of 50 years of experience in spray painting focuses on quality, reliability, flexibility, technological innovation, and ease of use. 

The Dualtech 4 series has been designed and built for a large market segment. It guarantees excellent results for medium-sized productivity and is available both with the self-cleaning belt and the paper conveyor or in the Double version that accommodates both solutions. 

A range that has been expanded with several models – brought together in the 5, 6, and 8 series – and turned into a system acclaimed by companies worldwide. It can tackle any spray painting issue, even for very large volumes, in terms of quality, productivity, flexibility, and sustainability. 

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