Drying system features catalytic reactors

The Sun-Spot drying system available from CNC Automation offers flameless combustion produced by catalytic reactors that emit medium infrared waves which generate heat within the film through molecular excitation.

This action drives the solvent and the water outward. Units offer the option to force the drying or curing of any type of organic coating.

The system is particularly efficient with water-based coatings, the company says, since it forces the moisture out of the film within 2 to 3 minutes.

With such a quick curing process, there’s no need to use fans or any air movement to make the paint dry faster, it adds, and since no dust or dirt is blown onto the paint, no buffing is required.

The system works on organic coatings such as urethane, epoxy, water-based, polyester, alkyd, melamine, latex, lacquer, acrylic, glue and sealant.

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