DIAMAX shank-type cutter product range extension

Abi Shaffer

The LEUCO DIAMAX Z=1+1 shank-type cutter stands for optimum cutting quality, extremely smooth cutting behavior due to its eye-catching, very stable body shape, and high flexibility in use, e.g., also for chip-out-free grooves starting from a 4.5 mm depth. 

LEUCO is now expanding its program with four more dimensions but with a longer positive shear angle range than on the standard tools. In this way, LEUCO is responding in particular to the wishes of the customer group for whom more adjustment options in the Z-axis are essential to be able to add edge life.

The “long-life cutters” are available in the dimensions Ø12×28, 16×35, 18×43, and 20×52 mm, each for rotation in the clockwise direction, directly from stock.

The DIAMAX Z1+1, shank-type cutter program, is used for jointing and rabbeting of raw, melamine-, paper-, HPL-laminated as well as foil-coated and veneered wood-based materials. 

With these four new additions to the DIAMAX Z1+1 program, the extra-long positive shear angle section provides additional adjustment options in the Z-axis to provide additional edge life. 

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