Device makes the clamping of drilling tools easier

The ServoLock system from Weinig is said to make the clamping of drilling tools more convenient.

Previously, a spindle nut would have to be loosened and tightened with a combination wrench.

Handling such a key is awkward because the direction of rotation cannot be precisely defined.

Loosening and tightening the spindle nut also requires a high amount of force to reach the specified torque of 80 Nm.

With the new system for its moulders, a planetary gear ensures significant reduction of the manual effort required, the company says.

The unit also has an in-built slipping clutch that, similarly to a torque wrench, ensures that the spindle nut is always tightened with the correct torque.

The direction of rotation is marked with arrows to make handling easier.

A further benefit is the saving in setup time via the rapid loosening and clamping of the spindle nut.

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