Designing Zen Bathrooms

Mike Cordeiro

It’s important to note that after the kitchen, a well-renovated bathroom does the most to increase the value of a house. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where life happens, so encourage your customers to make the bathroom their retreat and getaway so they can enjoy it and increase the value of their home for the future. A spa-like oasis with a soaker tub and contemporary cabinetry with open shelving can be a dream space. For others, a more modern and minimal bath filled with textures and a large shower is better suited. Cabinetry is the most crucial element when designing a bathroom, as it establishes a style and theme in a relatively small space.


For the modern minimalist look in design, a slab door is a wise choice. Possibilities are endless and allow for experimentation in pairing different material and finish combinations; customers can make it their own. It’s perfect for creating a unique and personalized cutting-edge modern space. This is an excellent opportunity to pick some beautiful, eye-catching hardware. With a wide variety of materials, from Maple and Oak to Melamine and TFL, you can offer many different price points to meet all budgets.


Elegant in its simplicity, functional and durable, the transitional style is at home in both traditional and contemporary settings. The transitional style balances the sleek and simple elements of modern design with an appreciation of a more formal classic aesthetic by fusing shaker traditions with current materials and colours. This style is excellent for those interested in redecorating their bathroom every once in a while – it provides lots of opportunities.


As a middle ground between slab and shaker, a contemporary style can be dressed up to lean more to the transitional side or paired down to create a more minimal and modern feel. Refined rails make a visual focal point with understated elegance. This is an on-trend middle ground with a highly successful hybridization of these two styles. A contemporary door style works nicely for a floating vanity.


The classic style features raised panel doors in a broad spectrum of stained, painted, and glazed finishes. With classic moulding, posts, and ornamentation, this will enhance the bathroom space with a warm, old-world charm — this look pairs beautifully with a claw-foot tub and dramatic light fixtures.

The goal is always to meet your client’s needs and achieve their aesthetic. The cabinetry can evoke the feeling and look of fine furniture with decorative legs and posts providing support and detail. Alternatively, modern elevated vanities bring a lightness as if floating on air. Ultimately, the objective is to create a calm bathroom getaway where the customer can exhale in peace after a long day.

Mike Cordeiro is a Graphic and Web Designer at AyA Kitchens. He graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. He excels at conceptualizing creative ideas and executing them in a planned manner with an eye for detail. 

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