Designing Around Dark Mattes 

Shahan Fancy

Fusion Carbon

There is no doubt that dark, vibrant, and bold painted cabinet colours have gained popularity in 2021 and continue to climb in 2022, but where did this come from? Kitchen design experts noticed a shift in demand for matte low-lustre finishes from higher sheen finishes in 2018. This flat matte look offers the high-end feeling homeowners desire, perfect for absorbing light rather than refracting it.

As matte cabinet finishes continue to grow in popularity with homeowners, designers, renovators, and builders, manufacturers are starting to offer more bold colour options. For instance, Superior Cabinets recently released four new dark, matte MDF options:

  • Fusion Rockwood

    Fusion Carbon is an excellent alternative to matte black, with a deep blue tint. It could be the perfect blue-black cabinet colour for those who love dark paint finishes on MDF.

  • Fusion Rockwood shows the lush green undertone in spaces with bright natural light, much like a deep dark emerald green. This colour will almost resemble charcoal black in rooms with dimmer lighting, with the deep green going undetected.
  • Fusion Stillwater is the perfect green-blue cabinet colour. It has the ideal balance of deep green with a subtle touch of blue, heavily influenced by turquoise and teal hues.
  • Fusion Stillwater

    Fusion Zinc is a luxurious dark charcoal grey with a slight green undertone reminiscent of dark seawater. It’ll be popular for islands, fireplace mantles and surrounds, and living room built-ins.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to inspiration for how to design around these colours. When it comes to door styles, one-piece doors are a great choice, particularly a slim shaker. For customers looking for a higher-end look, you may want to suggest a five-piece flat panel door.


Fusion Zinc

As for hardware, knobs or handles will perfectly complement these new painted finishes, but it would be difficult to make an incorrect decision.
Consider pairing them with matte black, chrome, graphite, or brushed nickel hardware finishes. Anything in the gold family could also work well for these new paint finishes on MDF, especially in areas with accent cabinetry such as a built-in hutch, credenza, entertainment unit, home office desk, or bathroom vanity.

These painted colours are incredibly versatile for countertop paring options. Lighter to mid-tone quartz with delicate veining would be a safe and beautiful option. For those looking to make a bold statement with their countertops, consider choosing the nature-inspired quartz featuring stunning grey stripes and interlacing lines on a crisp white background.

Shahan Fancy is no stranger to the kitchen and bath industry, where he started as a Kitchen and Bath Designer in 2006. His passion for branding, marketing, and communications eventually led him to his current role, where he serves as the Director of Marketing for Superior Cabinets.

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