Designer and Customer Collaboration for Memorable Kitchens

Mike Cordeiro

What makes a memorable kitchen? Most extraordinary kitchens have features or design elements that create an impact. A unique and sometimes unconventional space that inspires us and sparks ideas daring to be different. However, a memorable kitchen is also more than just its appearance; it has to be first and foremost functional. Great design stems from a collaboration between a talented designer and an open-minded customer willing to experiment and push the envelope. Stunning kitchens offer something fresh and exceptional. Sometimes it’s big and dramatic, and other times it’s the combination of details or focal points that leave us astonished.

Unique and Innovative

Superb in its unique and custom features, a personalized kitchen filled with creative solutions comes from thinking outside the box. Memorable kitchens come in various sizes and price points; they all have a story. At first glance, you see a beautiful black contemporary kitchen with a rustic brick wall backsplash. Gorgeous right? Now, what if we told you the homeowners had the idea to repurpose bookshelves and hang them upside down as a creative, open shelving solution. Ingenious! Upper cabinetry can also be paired with open shelves to provide some variation and a different appeal. Both the homeowner and designer also came up with the idea to hide the electrical outlets discreetly within the countertop back ledge. It’s a very clever solution that didn’t impact the brick backsplash. The inventive and innovative ideas add another level of amazement to this space — an unconventional kitchen filled with charm, fresh ideas, and truly one of a kind.

Custom Design and Focal Points

Every so often, a kitchen comes along with a stunning cohesive design sense. This white transitional kitchen features a collection of focal points that complement each other perfectly. The elegant ornate range hood and its curves make a statement on their own, but it is also tied into the mirror insert upper cabinets that flank it. The pairing captures the eye creating a strong, unified presence. However, the crown jewel is the ornate custom island with its decorative posts and mirrored insert design. It’s a showstopper piece in a brilliantly throughout kitchen design filled with attention to detail and wow factor. Depending on the kitchen style and layout, there are many options for designing an island. If space is not a concern, a sizable custom multi-level countertop with a built-in wine rack could be a potential choice. It grounds the space creating a personal chef atmosphere. An elegant waterfall countertop island is a popular design that is versatile and adds a personalized touch.

Personalized and Hidden Details

Memorable kitchens come in different shapes and sizes, but they all make us feel delighted and surprised. Space limitations can be challenging, especially in the condo market, but a creative designer will tackle each space with unique custom solutions. This pull-out table is the perfect solution for those small and challenging spaces or condos. The sturdy dining table seats four and folds to hide neatly into a drawer when not in use. It’s a smart and practical feature that allows dining without taking up unnecessary permanent space. 

Discreet and hidden details are always a pleasant surprise in a kitchen. Concealed behind two pocket doors is an organized coffee station pantry accessible to family and friends when needed. It can then be easily tucked away out of sight, out of mind keeping the visible countertops clear of clutter. Sometimes unconventional kitchens require unconventional solutions. The custom built-in bench was a joint idea between the homeowner and designer; it serves as a more intimate seating area to lounge and enjoy a beverage. It is flanked by two wine fridges making it the best seat in the kitchen when entertaining.

Mike Cordeiro is a Graphic and Web Designer at AyA Kitchens. He graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. He excels at conceptualizing creative ideas and executing them in a planned manner with an eye for detail. 

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