DC 11 Module 15 HP Dust Extraction System

The DC 11 Module from Dustcontrol is a versatile and powerful central unit designed for efficient source extraction and industrial cleaning. This plug-and-play system is tailor-made to meet specific industrial needs and can manage a wide array of dust types and chips. Additionally, it’s capable of handling coolants and emulsions when properly equipped.

Key Features:

Flexibility: Able to service up to six normal extraction points or several cleaning outlets simultaneously.

Power: Offers a range of motor options, including a 15 HP model, suitable for demanding industrial applications.

Efficiency: High-capacity airflow, with models ranging up to 850 m3/h.

Ease of Installation: Factory-assembled as a complete unit for easy installation.

Customization: Option-based selection process for tailored functionality.


Technical Specifications:

Motor Frequency: 60 Hz

Pump Speed: 3600 rpm

Inlet Diameter: 108 mm (4.2 in)

Outlet Diameter: 100 mm (3.9 in)

Maximum Pressure Differential: 43 kPa

Nominal Pressure: 32 kPa

Weight: Approx. 551 lbs (250 kg)

Sound Level: 65 dB(A) at 1 meter

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