Cutting-edge TFL manufacturing facility

Véronique Blais 

Tafisa Canada, a leading particleboard and TFL decorative panel manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind cutting-edge facility in Quebec exclusively to manufacture the LUMMIA line to meet growing industry demand for high-end lacquered panels. The seven-days-a-week manufacturing facility measures close to 71,000 square metres. Over the past 20 years, the company has invested more than $400 million to ensure continuous process improvements. Selling to both residential and commercial markets, Tafisa® has maintained a balanced share of business between Canada and the United States. Each week, more than 700 truckloads of wood fibre are transformed into 300 truckloads of finished products – particleboard or decorative panels.

Tafisa is a subsidiary of the Sonae Indústria Group, a leading manufacturer of thermofused laminated particleboards and decorative panels, renowned for its avant-garde designs and high-quality products. With a solid reputation for developing trend-setting designs, Tafisa delivers unmatched quality in particleboard and TFL decorative panel manufacturing. Founded in 1992, Tafisa has a proven track record of being attuned to market trends, offering a production capacity that is second to none, and providing unmatched customer service. The company invests annually in continuously improving its operational excellence to ensure that its manufacturing processes adhere to the strictest of industry, training, production, and environmental standards.

Called LUMMIA, this new and exclusive line will provide architects, designers, and renovation enthusiasts with unparalleled options to create spectacular, lavish interiors according to their visions. The product’s durability is unmatched, fully resistant to fingerprints, micro-scratches, and UV rays. The collection is available in a wide choice of 19 solid colours and prints. 

Louis Brassard, CEO of Tafisa Canada, explained that the company has invested in a new, cutting-edge facility in Lac-Mégantic exclusively to manufacture the LUMMIA line to meet growing industry demand for high-end lacquered panels.

“Our new plant, on North American soil, is excellent news for manufacturers and distributors as it will significantly shorten product delivery times and strengthen the local supply chain,” he said. 

The City of Lac-Mégantic has contributed financially to the project through its program to help build and expand businesses in the industrial park.

“I am proud to note that the program launched in February 2020 is already generating concrete benefits on the ground, thus positioning Lac-Mégantic as a fertile territory for innovation and growth,” says Mayor Julie Morin. “The investment allows us to achieve some of our priority objectives, which is to consolidate the wood cluster and encourage the expansion and diversification of our businesses.” 

First-of-its-kind technology in North America 

High gloss and matte surfaces are two looks that are hot trends in North America and are forecasted to stand the test of time. Made using superior coating technology, LUMMIA is available in two long-lasting finishes: High Gloss and Perfect Matte. LUMMIA High Gloss strikingly reflects light for maximum shine, and LUMMIA Perfect Matte delivers exceptional visual depth. 

“This superior lacquering technology on decorative panels has existed in Europe for a few years now; Tafisa decided to fill a gap in the North American industry and bring technologically superior decorative innovations to the local market,” Louis Brassard explained, adding that LUMMIA’s performance promises to greatly exceed that of imported panels in this category, at a very competitive price. 

A one-stop-shop 

“With the launch of LUMMIA, Tafisa continues to solidify its position as the North American manufacturer offering the most comprehensive range of particle boards, decorative panels (TFL), and laminate panels (HPL) available to industry professionals under one roof,” explained Christine Couture, LUMMIA Business Unit Manager at Tafisa Canada. 

“Tafisa is also presenting an extensive complementary line of products perfectly matching the new collection. LUMMIA offerings are designed to make it easier for architects, designers, and consumers to harmoniously coordinate interiors,” Couture said. “With LUMMIA, a world of enlightened possibilities is now available to all!”

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