Cutting Edge Technology

SCM, a secondary woodworking technology leader, virtually attended the International Mass Timber Conference earlier this month to meet professionals and experts of the supply chain for cross-laminated timber and mass timber construction.

SCM provided its contribution, firmly backed by the experience it has expanded on over ten years in this sector. An in-depth knowledge of this sector’s demands, which, together with intense R&D work and solidity of a brand like SCM, has led to state-of-the-art technological solutions.

During the event, the SCM North America team outlined the most vital points of each model of the range and, in particular AREA XL, the new five-axis CNC machining specifically designed to process large format CLT panels and OIKOS X, the six-axis model in a new “XL” version dedicated to the manufacturing of glulam beams and columns with a section up to 1.250×500 mm, in addition to X-lam/CLT wall panels and insulating panels.

“Nowadays, the use of innovative technological solutions is increasingly more decisive, in line with market demands,” says Tommaso Martini, SCM business unit manager for CNC machining centres for timber construction. “This is where SCM’s participation slots in, as it aims to present itself as a competent partner for all those professionals in the industry looking for a new and different approach to the one they have encountered so far.”

Thanks to its decades of experience in developing and manufacturing highly evolved CNC machining centres, SCM can provide flexible solutions for the timber construction industry, creating a new standard in the sector.

AREA XL: The cutting edge of today’s technology

AREA XL is the new five-axis CNC machining centre designed and manufactured by SCM for large format CLT panels’ industrial production. This solution, an evolution of the already popular and appreciated AREA model, was developed to meet the needs of those companies requiring high productivity, accuracy, and reliability. The processing of large-format CLT panels is characterized by heavy-duty stock removal, process automation in the handling and referencing phases, and cleaning the work area. The new AREA XL has been designed considering these specific requirements.

With this machining centre, the size and thickness of CLT panels are no longer problems. Items up to 1.6 m long x 3.6 m wide x 0.4 m thick can be processed thanks to an electro-spindle of high power and torque: 63 kW in continuous operation.

The overall productivity can also be further increased by equipping the machining centre with a second machining head unit. In this configuration, AREA XL can process the panel with the two head units simultaneously, having up to 60 tool stations in total at its disposal. Another plus is the possibility to perform transversal throughfeed-drilling operations even on the maximum panel size, thanks to optional auxiliary units.

OIKOS X: The ‘plus’ for timber construction

OIKOS X is the new six-axis CNC machining centre, specifically designed to process structural beams, X-lam/CLT wall panels, and insulating panels. It results from careful research and development to provide the industry with an ever more technological, performing solution.

OIKOS X was designed to maximize performance in terms of dimensions, dynamics, and power. Fitted with an electro-spindle up to 24 kW, the machining centre can process beams and panels with a maximum section of 1.25 m x 0.3 m, a maximum length of 19 m, and a weight of 4,000 kg.

SCM never stops improving its offerings to the timber construction industry through innovation and high technology solutions that are in line with the demands of an ever-expanding market.

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