Cut center simplifies cabinet construction without programming

CNCAutomationThe Cut Center by Thermwood from CNC Automation is a machine that looks a little like a CNC router but works totally differently.

Instead of generating CNC programs that tell the machine how to move, it already knows how to move with pre-programmed recipes. It can make over 10,000 different cabinet configurations, and with the door and drawer front combinations, it can make over 20 million different products.

The machine also makes doors, drawers and moldings. The operator can make some cabinets and then tell it to make the drawers and doors and drawer fronts and applied ends for those cabinets. Just tell it how you want the drawers made (side mount, undermount, blind dado or dovetail construction, thick or thin bottom), and it makes them, and they fit perfectly, the company says.

Same with doors. Select from hundreds of MDF door designs, tell it if you want partial overlay, full overlay or inset, and it makes them and they fit, the company adds. Or, the operator can cut slab doors so that the grain flows smoothly across the cabinet face.

The machine also makes moldings, straight moldings, curved moldings and carved moldings.

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