CSC SYS 50 Cordless Table Saw: Unleashing Precision and Portability for On-Site Excellence

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

Meticulously engineered for on-site precision, the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw from Festool redefines the possibilities of portable woodworking. Boasting compact dimensions that seamlessly fit into a Systainer, this table saw stands as the epitome of versatility, ensuring shop-quality cuts while on the move.


Unparalleled Versatility

The CSC SYS 50 effortlessly masters a wide spectrum of cutting tasks. With parallel cuts extending up to 11” (280 mm), cross-cut widths reaching 17-3/4” (450 mm), and bevel cuts ranging from -2° to 47°, it adapts to diverse woodworking demands with seamless efficiency.


Digital Precision, Beyond Tape Measures

Harnessing the power of digital precision, this table saw achieves height and angle adjustments accurate to a tenth of a millimeter (1/256″). This unique digital operation guarantees a level of exactness unsurpassed by conventional tape measures, ensuring even the most intricate cuts are executed flawlessly. The robust guidance system, comprising a rip fence, miter gauge, and sliding table, further enhances accuracy.


No Cord, No Compromise

The CSC SYS 50 defies limitations with its cordless design, offering power comparable to corded counterparts. Empowered by the 2x18V dual-battery system and the brushless EC-TEC motor, it effortlessly handles demanding cuts, including solid wood rip cuts, while maintaining exceptional power and torque.


Functionality at its Finest

This cordless table saw seamlessly integrates functionality and convenience. With its compact size effortlessly fitting within a Systainer, it remains versatile without compromising usability. The precise digital display ensures adjustments to cutting height and angle are effortlessly controlled to within a tenth of a millimeter (1/256″). Furthermore, the digital interface allows for the storage and selection of four different saw blade positions, delivering unrivaled convenience and repeatability.


Empowering Woodworkers

The CSC SYS 50 doesn’t just cut wood; it crafts efficiency and innovation. With its compatibility with the Festool Systainer system, dust-free operation, and exceptional precision, it offers a new dimension of woodworking possibilities. Whether on-site or in the workshop, this cordless table saw merges power with portability, revolutionizing woodworking capabilities.

Technical Specs

Weight: 33.08 lbs (15 kg)

Dust extraction connection diameter: 1-1/16″ (27 mm)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 20-5/32″ x 15-19/32″ x 11-21/32″ (512 x 396 x 296 mm)

Cutting depth at 45°: 0 – 1-11/32″ (0 – 34 mm)

Cutting height at 0°: 0 – 1-7/8″ (0 – 48 mm)

Saw blade location hole: 3/4″ (20 mm)

Parallel cut width: 11″ (280 mm)

Tabletop height: 11″ (280 mm)

Cutting height at -10°: 13/16″ – 1-1/4″ (21 – 32 mm)

The CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw encapsulates precision, power, and convenience, epitomizing the future of portable woodworking.



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