The Creosnap collapsible wood crate was designed to be assembled / unassembled quickly and easily – no tools needed. Creosnap allows you to save time and staffing. Line the pieces up and snap them into place. Creosnap collapsible wood crates reinvent how wooden crates are built, used, and reused, allowing you to save money along the way—the result: robust and reliable packaging that is ready to use in all situations.

These wooden shipping crates are designed to help you ship as efficiently and intelligently as possible. The reusable wood crates provide a range of desirable benefits over standard wood crates.

Save on Freight Costs

Freight costs account for a large chunk of your business expenses, and with shipping fees on the rise, you’re probably searching for opportunities to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Creosnap crates are 8x stackable, significantly reducing the freight cost for each crate shipped.

Creosnap reusable crates can also be reused for multiple shipping cycles and flat packed to easily fit in return shipments. This significantly cuts costs related to disposal and two-way shipments.

Save on Warehouse Space

Creosnap crates make it easy to maximize warehouse space utilization. Unlike standard crates, flat-pack wooden crates won’t overrun the valuable storage space in your facility.

These crates can be warehoused flat and stacked high, keeping them compactly stored and ready to be assembled as needed.

Reduce Labor Costs and Increase Productivity

The collapsible wooden crates take significantly less time and staffing to assemble than ordinary wood crates. Tool-free assembly and disassembly translates into significant savings on tool purchases and maintenance while decreasing the chances of workplace injuries and allowing you to dedicate labor to more productive tasks.

Make Your Dollar Go Further

In addition to meeting ISPM-15 standards and having the same eco-friendly benefits as standard wood crates, Creosnap crates represent a much better return on investment.

The reusability of the wood crates means allow you to reduce your cost per use significantly. With Creosnap, gone are the days of one-time use crates.

Export Ready Shipping Crates

All Creosnap wooden shipping crates are ISPM-15 certified and ready to ship internationally. This means every Creosnap crate, whether standard or custom size, is debarked and heat-treated to prevent warping during shipment overseas while complying with regulations that ensure you avoid penalties for rejected freight.

There is also a unique range of sea container crates that maximize space for overseas shipments.

An innovative design that provides superior durability

The panels’ assembly and unique design provide Creosnap with a robust reinforcement and durability comparable to conventional plywood crates. Creosnap has proven its worth by resisting up to 20,000 pounds of stacked load during a military test.

A Wide Range of Standard or Custom Sizes

In addition to choosing export and reusable versions, up to 30 formats can meet most standard requirements.

 There is also offer a unique range of sea container crates that maximize space for overseas shipments. The crates can also be manufactured in any desired format (minimum of 10 crates) and mounted on pallets or transport rollers.

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