Corner Solutions for Any Kitchen

Rhonda Thorton

To create a highly functional, efficient kitchen, you need to use every square inch of the space intelligently and creatively, including those dreaded kitchen corners. Why? Because this will help capitalize on storage space. It’s one of the most overlooked elements when designing kitchen storage spaces.

Why Are Corners Extra Tricky?

Corners are notoriously tricky when it comes to kitchens. First, they tend to be the darkest part of the room — peering into a corner cupboard can become annoying, uncomfortable and frustrating when you can barely see. Secondly, they’re awkward; there’s just no better word for it. Anyone who has tried to reach into a deep corner cupboard knows that, while there’s a little more space, the stored items can be practically impossible to reach.

Because you’re dealing with a corner doesn’t mean you can’t design creative custom cabinet solutions. Our client’s kitchen had a lot happening near an awkward corner; sink, ovens, window, and pantry, to name a few. All it took was a bit of creativity and embracing new storage concepts to help conquer this problem.

LeMans Corner System 

While most think of a Lazy Susan that spins on an axis inside a corner cabinet, you can also install one that turns out of the cabinet. We incorporated the LeMans corner solution into our Rosedale project; it’s a great way to maximize space and make ventures into the corner much less stressful. The benefit of Corner Solutions – they allow functional storage solutions on adjacent cabinetry. The LeMans corner solution allowed us to incorporate these stunning spice and oil pullouts on the adjacent cabinet corner. 

A Classic Kitchen Lazy Susan 

The Lazy Susan is a classic for a reason. It’s a practical solution that allows for quick and easy access. A spinning shelving unit is ideal for making all items easily and quickly accessible. For a corner, install a few round shelves that spin with a section cut out for the corner (so the door can close). Say goodbye to the dreaded corner reach.

Magic Corner II

Another one of our favourite corner solutions is the Magic Corner II. This corner solution helps maximize up to 80% of available corner storage space, depending on the configuration chosen. What we love most about this particular corner solution is that the Magic Corner II’s new sliding technology allows components to slide silently… even when all of the baskets are full. Once the front baskets pull out and swivel, the rear baskets easily slide out, allowing full access to all kitchen items.

Open Shelving

Opting for open shelves instead of corner uppers is a unique and attractive kitchen feature. Plus, this allows you to show off some of your favourite kitchen wares while allowing easy access to daily essentials. 

Rhonda Thornton is the Creative Director and co-founder of Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry, along with partner Robert Thornton, Master Cabinet Maker. Bloomsbury is a Canadian-owned boutique-style cabinet shop dedicated to the English tradition of luxury handmade craftsmanship offering clients a truly bespoke experience. For over 20 years, Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry has been recognized as one of the premier companies practicing the true art of Custom Kitchen Cabinetmaking.

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