Compact CNC spindle moulder

The Martin T12 CNC spindle moulder available from Taurus Craco has motorized positioning of the fence to enable all the settings which were previously made with the hand wheel to be made comfortably and accurately via the control unit.

The fence settings have a reproducibility of ±0.025 mm. The positioning of the right-hand fence jaw via hand wheel is displayed on the control unit with high accuracy.

Not only does this replace the scale and the vernier scale, but the electronically recorded position of the fence jaw can also be saved in the controller and quickly and easily accessed when needed. The incremental movement is also easily possible owing to the integration in the controller.

The table extensions are cast iron on both sides and connected to the machine table completely without a transition. The fence opening should always be closed as much as possible, so that the workpiece can be safely guided and slide along the fence.

The bars of the jaws consist of hard-coated aluminum and can be easily folded in position, released and also varied in height. The bar cassettes can also be removed effortlessly, allowing users to work with a wooden insert.

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