Community First: How LUXkbs Gives Back with Habitat Humanity

New Brunswick’s LUXkbs Inc. is a relatively new kitchen, bath, and storage company. However, they’re certainly not strangers to serving their community. Last week, the business announced its partnership with Habitat for Humanity New Brunswick to produce cabinetry for the housing units the organization will be building in the province. 

In the last year alone, severalNew Brunswick cities have witnessed their populations grow significantly. The population of Moncton is up more than five per cent, with Fredericton following by three percent increase and Saint John by 1.8 per cent. A report released in May from a tenant advocacy organization revealed that the number of affordable housing units in the province decreased from 2016 to 2021. In April 2023, Habitat for Humanity Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton amalgamated to form Habitat for Humanity New Brunswick in an effort to combat this affordable housing crisis and build more units for citizens in the province. 

Instrumental Partnership for New Brunswick

(Owners of LUXkbs Inc., Paris Malenfant and Wesllay Hache)

Upon hearing of the amalgamation of Habitat for Humanity, LUXkbs Inc. knew they had to step up and offer their support to the organization. Paris Malenfant, president, and CEO of the LUX, explained, “We donate our extra reef doors to Habitat for Humanity, or any doors that we do not need, on a regular basis. In December and January, we purchased many wood materials from Toronto and donated that to the Toronto Habitat for Humanity.” The donations from LUX did not stop there. “We purchased a few lifts, about 15, to lift our wood and hardware and donated it all to the organization. Habitat has a great system, where they receive donations and then sell them and use the funds they gain to be able to build housing units that are affordable for people. So, it’s still people buying homes but at a lower valuation and without any interest.”

Durable Cabinetry for Housing Units

“We’re a new company and from the very beginning of us opening our doors, we wanted to give back to our community,” said Malenfant. “Since then, we make cabinet doors, cabinets, and vanities for Habitat for Humanity and have also worked with different charities and organizations in the past.” Currently, LUX is working on a housing unit in Fredericton with the organization, that’s specifically designed for a family with children with special needs. LUX is manufacturing the kitchen cabinetry for 50% below cost.

Cabinetry for affordable housing should not only be low-cost, but highly durable as well. LUX develops its cabinet solutions with professional-grade materials. Malenfant explained, “Our cabinets are made using 3D lamination which is essentially with a thermometre laminate, formerly known as thermal foil. We use it to wrap the cabinet doors and it’s specifically used for high-traffic furniture. When made this way, the cabinet doors are guaranteed for ten years.” Manufacturing the cabinets and cabinet doors to abide by specific regulations is essential.

When we wrap our cabinet doors, all the material is non-toxic and sustainable. The MDF we use is formaldehyde-free and there are no chemicals in the manufacturing process. Also, when we make the doors, the process can be complex for the laminate to adhere properly. After taking high-quality MDF from uniboard, we process it on our CNC machine, cut it into the shape we’re looking for, sand it down, then apply non-toxic glue and allow it to cure in our special vacuum press.”

Once the glue is effectively moulded onto the doors, they become dependable and long-lasting. After the door comes out of the vacuum press, LUX inspects each cabinet door to ensure the glue was applied perfectly and will be permanent. 

LUX’s Growing Team and Facility Capacity

Expanding the team and production capacity has been a priority for LUX since its establishment. Malenfant said, We’re really looking forward to growing our capacity to help Habitat on another level with being able to give back to the community. Plus, Habitat is expanding on their units too and throughout Atlantic Canada. We’re also working on a special 30-unit project for affordable housing in Halifax.” 

LUX has swiftly become one of Atlantic Canada’s leading 3D laminate cabinet doors and cabinetry manufacturers. Founded in 2021 by Malenfant and Wesllay Hache, the production manufacturing manager, the company has made a name for itself for its use of advanced technology from processing software and art design to automatization CNC manufacturing.


Ellie King is the Editor of Wood Industry / Le monde du bois magazine and weekly E-digest. She has years of experience in B2B writing and editing and is empowered by the opportunity to share the marvels, pitfalls and weekly news of Canada’s secondary wood industry with our readers.

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