Commonwealth Plywood Invests in Its Locations

Commonwealth Plywood Distribution, a fully integrated forest products company created in 1940, has expanded two of its facilities. The Boucherville, Quebec and North Bay, Ontario locations have invested to expand their warehouses and improve their service offering.

The company’s distribution division offers a complete range of products for kitchen makers and cabinetmakers, architects, designers, and woodworkers from both the residential and commercial industries.

In Boucherville, more than 25,000 square-feet were added for a total area of 110,000 square-feet. In addition, an umbrella roof was added to be able to load and unload trucks under cover of bad weather. In North Bay, 20,000 square-feet were added for a total area of 47,000 square-feet. Brand-new offices were also built.

This expansion comes only a few months after the company had to move its London warehouse to a new temporary location, following the May 21st, 2022 tornado that severely damaged the original building.

A new distribution center will be built soon to replace the Green Valley building.

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