CNC routers feature moving table configuration

The Xtreme XL Series of CNC routers from Komo Machine include a moving table configuration and a side-mounted tool changer.

Features include:

  • a four-pole, 18HP (13.2kw), 24,000 RPM, HSK 63F, fan-cooled spindle;
  • a 12-position automatic tool changer with aggregate capability;
  • air blast for optimal dust/chip evacuation and cooling of the cutting tool;
  • Fanuc HVI servo system tuned for optimum acceleration and deceleration;
  • tool touch-off device with automatic tool data uploading; and, Fanuc Panel i control with integrated PC.

The universal grid fixture table is available in composite (standard) or aluminum (option).

Units also include a pressurized automatic centralized lubrication system, Komo production manager and machine monitoring software and a 19 in. touch screen display.

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