CNC router covers five axes

multicamThe MultiCam 8000 series 5-axis CNC routers offer a broad range of standard table sizes and Z-axis open-height configurations.

Designed for high-speed, heavy-duty routing, the machines are said to be easy to configure to meet requirements in woodworking, plastics, non-ferrous metals and composites industries. Units are made of structural-steel, tubular-frame construction coupled with a moving-gantry design.

The gantry is a 0.5 in. thick, 20 x 12 in. internally-ribbed rectangular structural steel tube mounted on machined pads on the top of each box frame support.

Each gantry features internal ribbing, to minimize vibration during cutting. Dual 35-mm linear bearings spaced on 18 in. centres provide RAM-Z axis assembly rigidity.

The router has over 76,800 lb of bearing support capability on a gantry/Ram-Z axis assembly weighing approximately 7000 lb.

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