CNC router available in three sizes

The i2R CNC series from Axiom Precision includes three sizes, each with prismatic guides, ball screws and the DSP pendant controller which is used on the company’s larger machines.

Targeted at the first-time CNC user, the series is supported with a manual and video library intended to dramatically shorten a new user’s learning curve, the company says.

The machine is intended for cutting wood, acrylics, wood-fibre composites, certain plastics and non-ferrous metals.

Toolpaths created in the design software are communicated to the CNC router through the handheld RichAuto B11 series 3-axis controller.

Processing toolpaths or jobs can be performed either by using a USB Flash drive (USB2.0 of 8GB or smaller, FAT32) or from the internal memory.

Specifications include:

  • X axis travel of 24 in.;
  • Y axis travel of 24 in. for the i2R-4, 36 in. for the i2R-6 and 48 in. for the i2R-8; and,
  • Z axis travel of 3.937 in.

Table work area is 28.4 x 37 in. (i2R-4), 28.4 x 49 in. (i2R-6) or 28.4 x 61 in. (i2R-8).

The electro spindle is rated to 800 W, spindle speeds from 0 to 24,000 rpm and feed rate is rated to 150 ipm.

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