CNC Manufacturing Machinery


Creating complex shapes machined to precise tolerances at high processing speeds requires accuracy that only CNC technology can deliver. Stiles offers an all-inclusive portfolio of the world’s leading CNC manufacturing machinery that work to eliminate human error, including nested-based routers, vertical drilling machines, 4- and 5-axis machining, and twin table machines. Here are a few of the CNCs that will be highlighted in the Stiles booth at IWF:


  • Drilling and dowel inserting machine.
  • Perfect complement to a nested-based CNC machining center or as a stand-alone machine.
  • Provides superior horizontal drilling, gluing, and dowel insertion. 
  • Increases efficiency by minimizing set-up times and maximizing production times. 
  • Offers CNC control at the X-axis.
  • Equipped with Windows-based woodWOP software for easy operation.


  • Offers high levels of performance and versatility. 
  • Compact technology.
  • Reduced installation area and operation directly at the machine. 
  • Includes 3-, 4- and 5-axis solutions for processing kitchen, office, and solid wood furniture, as well as for the construction of stairs, windows, and doors. 
  • 3- and 4-axis solutions are nested-based, reducing the cutting time and the amount of waste. 
  • 5-axis includes three linear axes, one rotatory axis, and one tilt axis that move simultaneously to produce very complex parts.


  • Next-generation compact vertical CNC technology. 
  • Compact space. 
  • Equipped to fulfill the needs of closet, cabinet, and casegood manufacturers of any size.
  • Offers fast processing, simple operation, excellent processing quality, and a great value for investment. 
  • Includes various software options to improve speed and safety during processing. 
  • Includes a dowel insertion function, helping you gain more flexibility in your application fields.

Vector Revolution 180 

  • Simple operating logic.
  • Applies edgebanding to shaped components and trims and scrapes simultaneously, allowing manufacturers to leverage the capacity of their existing router. 
  • Fits easily with traditional manufacturing methods as well as with nested-based manufacturing.


  • Features a compact and safe design that provides maximum processing area and flexibility.
  • Favorable for high volume machining.
  • Includes C-axis and Flex5 technology.
  • Includes vertical and horizontal drilling, groove blades, fixturing via flow through spoil board, and a compressed air vacuum to provide for flexible utilization of the machine.

In addition to these revolutionary CNC machines, Stiles will also showcase many products for solid wood, digital solutions, sanding and finishing, and more. The Stiles booth at IWF will be one of the biggest, encompassing 29,200 square feet with more than 60 machines. Stiles has product experts, suppliers, and consultants from around the globe ready to help North American manufacturers meet today’s market challenges with solutions built around you.

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