CNC Drill and Dowel Machining Centre D-Jet


The new CNC-controlled drilling and dowel insertion centre from Format4 is the ideal machine to take your cabinet production to the next level. The D-Jet is the perfect solution for industrial cabinet making as a supplement to a CNC nesting machine and a stand-alone solution for skilled artisans. The machine stands out due to its space-saving design, small footprint of only 3.5 m², and outstanding price-performance ratio. Maximum efficiency through zero set-up time: time-consuming positioning of consoles or vacuum cups is eliminated. 

The benefits at a glance:

  • Intuitive controls
  • Flexibility in the choice of joints
  • Drill head with three horizontal and three vertical spindles as well as a grooving saw
  • Up to four workpieces simultaneously processable
  • Automatic dowel insertion using a large-dimensioned oscillating feeder
  • Small installation dimensions due to a space-saving design
  • Customer-specific optimized production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Wide range of configuration packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award-winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during, and after the purchase
  • Automation solutions
  • Networked workshop
  • Software and machines from a single supplier
  • Tailor-made financing solutions
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