CKCA Survey Updates

Earlier this year, the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association conducted a survey of their members for an in-depth look at how the industry is adapting to the pandemic. The survey focused on staffing, production, finances, timelines, management, and more. Below, we have a snapshot of four of the questions, focusing on areas of work, change in production outputs, increased costs, and rising prices to give readers an idea of what’s going on in the world of Canadian cabinetmaking. 

“Everyone wants to know what’s going on out there because it adds perspective and insights and helps them make better, more informed decisions for their business,” explained Sandra Wood, Executive Director is CKCA. “There are significant pressures and changes in our industry, now more than ever you need to be connected and your association does exactly that.”

The kitchen cabinet industry generates an estimated $1.5 billion in annual sales and employs more than 25,000 Canadians in an estimated 4,000 SMEs. CKCA is the only national association focused on the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada and needs members to respond to their surveys to gather essential data like this.

For access to the full survey and for other important information related to the cabinet industry in Canada, consider becoming a member of the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association.


Where did you see a surge in work in 2020, overall?

Work from home spaces 29.41%
Kitchen renovations 74.51%
Bathroom/laundry renovations 39.22%
Home renovations (various millwork) 45.10%
New home builds (i.e. semi-detached, detached, etc.) 37.25%
New condo builds  17.65%
Outdoor kitchens 3.92%
Other (i.e. institutions, etc.) 7.84%
We haven’t experienced any surge in work 5.88%


By comparison to 2019, how did your year-to-date production outputs compare to Nov 2020? 

Better production outputs than this time last year (more than 40% or higher) 3.85%
Better production outputs than this time last year (more than 20% or higher) 34.62%
Slightly better production outputs than this time last year 11.54%
Same production outputs compared to this time last year 36.54%
Less than 80% production outputs compared to this time last year 11.54%
Less than 60% production outputs compared to this time last year 1.92%


Where have you experienced cost increases in 2020 that are above the typical increases you see in a normal year? 

Finishes (paint, stain, primer) 38.30%
Wood products (MDF, melamine) 72.35%
Materials (i.e. glass, plastics, etc.) 34.04%
Hardware 44.68%
Software 4.26%
Shipping (freight) 46.81%
Overhead (insurance, hydro, marketing, etc.) 23.40%
Workplace safety (masks, sanitizers, toiletries, etc.) 55.32%
Machinery 2.13%
Repair services (machinery, software support, etc.) 14.89%
Delivery and installation costs 29.79%
Staffing (i.e. more sick days, etc.) 48.94%
Other 4.26%


In the first 3 months of 2021 did you consider a price increase of your products related to input costs? (All categories that apply.)

Builders/contractors (i.e. dealers)  59%
End customers 57%
Not considering 31%
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