Cefla Finishing Hosts Certification Seminar for Dealer Technicians

Cefla Finishing, a world leader in coating and digital printing solutions for the wood and wood-derivative industries, held a seminar at their finishing laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 20, 2023. Cefla invited their dealers’ field service technicians to the laboratory to learn about installing the company’s Prima, Unidry-G, and FL-12 batch ovens. The exclusive seminar allowed technicians to network with each other while learning from and conversing with Cefla Finishing experts. Ultimately, the forum presented an ideal opportunity for the business to create integral partnerships and better understand its customer base.

The morning of the seminar involved a number of in-depth presentations on Cefla technology and details of their partnership with Sun-Spot drying solutions. Technicians that were present at the seminar worked in the Cefla lab with senior field technicians and participated in an open discussion forum with their Service and LAB teams. The panel discussion allowed technicians to discuss the challenges they face in the industry. The seminar was designed to provide dealer technicians with certified basic knowledge of how to install Cefla’s Prima reciprocating spray machines, the Unidry-G, and batch gas-powered ovens.

Cefla provides finishing, decorative, and digital printing methods across North America. The business is widely known for offering a broad range of these solutions for the wood industry as well as the metal, glass, and composites industries. The business develops spray equipment, roll coaters, vacuum coaters, and a variety of other automated systems for furniture, panel processing, flooring, and similar sectors. Cefla has over 60 years of market experience and has a vocation for innovation that ensures they stand out from other coating and finishing plants. Their Charlotte finishing LAB is the world’s second-largest after their other finishing lab in Imola, Italy.

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