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Liability clauses

Understand risks and benefits Businesses routinely use or, knowingly or unknowingly, sign contracts that contain some form of an exclusion or limitation of liability clause. While such clauses vary considerably in size and scope, for…

Ashes to ashes

Invasive pest fells a homely beauty In the early 2000s, the emerald ash borer was first discovered in Canada. It’s a foreign insect that kills ash trees, and it has spread quickly. But who is noticing? There has not been much…

Social media

A new workplace policy to enforce Joe Figliomeni Social media has had a profound impact on our lives and that impact has extended beyond our personal lives and into the workplace. Just a few years ago, social media

Paint within the lines

Quest for order goes beyond design Paul Epp I was helping a friend paint some window frames and I was surprised at her casual approach. Half of her paint went on the glass and I questioned this. “Why does it matter?”

Secret recordings

Proactive workplace policies make sense Joe Figliomeni The proliferation of mobile devices and related technologies has made it easier and more common for people to surreptitiously record private conversations. Even


Proud Canadian heritage Paul Epp I grew up on the Grande Prairie in northwestern Alberta, an anomalous patch of grassland deep in the Boreal Forest. It takes only a moment of reflection to understand that it was

Big wood

Counting the rings on legacy timber Paul Epp I was sitting in a bar recently, with my son. We were in Vancouver, at the lower level of a large, late 19th century brick building. As nice as the decorations were, what

Your will(s)

When and why to have more than one Sabrina Gismondi In some Canadian jurisdictions, a person can have more than one will. The main reason for using multiple wills is to save probate tax. Assume an individual,

Growth rings

Annals of our work, thick and thin One of the many beauties of wood is their growth rings. These variations in the rate of growth, season- to-season and year-to-year, are a large part of what gives wood its visual interest. There are…

Employee resignations

Not all legal obligations are on employers A resignation can be emotionally charged, so it helps to be reminded of the consequences of saying or hearing the words “I quit.” Contrary to popular belief, there is no law that stipulates…


Design elegance has rural roots It has always surprised me that country-style furniture is often a bit crude. It seems to not only be accepted but also expected that this anti-urban version of things be kind of rough and ready.…


Marketers do home-made one better It has become pretty hard to reflect on marketing without tripping over the word artisanal. We have artisanal beer, artisanal bread and artisanal cheese, to name just a few of the things to which this…

It gets personal

Duties and liabilities of directors and officers It is a common misconception that if you are a director or officer of a private corporation you cannot be held personally liable for acting as such; after all, a corporation was…

Staying busy

New chapter: RV conversion Now that I’m not teaching, I’ve had to find a project to keep busy with. And what that has turned out to be is a DIY Sprinter cargo-van-to-RV conversion. It’s certainly kept me busy and I’m not done yet. I…