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Review or regret

Pay attention to employment contracts MANY EMPLOYERS RELY UPON standard form employment contracts, believing that they are sufficient to meet their specific hiring needs. However, employers should have experienced employment law…

Tracking beneficial owners

New record-keeping requirements In case you missed it, you may be surprised to find out that the Canada Business Corporation Act (the “CBCA”) has recently been amended on a couple of occasions to introduce new record-keeping…

Arrogance earned

Nakashima, Maloof and Castle In the early ‘70s, there was a show called WoodenWorks at the Renwick Gallery, which is a part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Now we would describe it as a show of studio furniture, then…

Contracts and Covid-19

Understand obligations during pandemic disruption As Covid-19 continues its rapid spread throughout the globe, it brings with it unprecedented disruption to every aspect of our lives, both personal and business. While our health,…

The wood trades

Specialties keeping tradition alive Wood certainly isn’t a sticky material. It’s fairly easy to reduce a large volume of wood into smaller ones, if you understand its propensity to split along its grain. But it is altogether another…

Blood from a stone

Three ways the law helps with collection The last thing a creditor would want, after spending significant time and money in suing a debtor, is a “paper judgment” worth no more than the paper it is printed on. The term is often used to…

Tool cabinet reborn

A journeyman’s graduation project In 1972, as a very recent design-school graduate, I spent some time as a private student of Jim Krenov. This Russian- born, American- and Swedish- based cabinetmaker had been introduced to me by my…

Liability clauses

Understand risks and benefits Businesses routinely use or, knowingly or unknowingly, sign contracts that contain some form of an exclusion or limitation of liability clause. While such clauses vary considerably in size and scope, for…

Ashes to ashes

Invasive pest fells a homely beauty In the early 2000s, the emerald ash borer was first discovered in Canada. It’s a foreign insect that kills ash trees, and it has spread quickly. But who is noticing? There has not been much…

Social media

A new workplace policy to enforce Joe Figliomeni Social media has had a profound impact on our lives and that impact has extended beyond our personal lives and into the workplace. Just a few years ago, social media

Paint within the lines

Quest for order goes beyond design Paul Epp I was helping a friend paint some window frames and I was surprised at her casual approach. Half of her paint went on the glass and I questioned this. “Why does it matter?”

Secret recordings

Proactive workplace policies make sense Joe Figliomeni The proliferation of mobile devices and related technologies has made it easier and more common for people to surreptitiously record private conversations. Even


Proud Canadian heritage Paul Epp I grew up on the Grande Prairie in northwestern Alberta, an anomalous patch of grassland deep in the Boreal Forest. It takes only a moment of reflection to understand that it was

Big wood

Counting the rings on legacy timber Paul Epp I was sitting in a bar recently, with my son. We were in Vancouver, at the lower level of a large, late 19th century brick building. As nice as the decorations were, what