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Designing for Today and Tomorrow

If you surveyed a group of ageing homeowners and asked if they would rather live in a senior’s residence or their own home, most would choose their own home for as long as they could. As we age, our bodies gradually decline, affecting…

Thoughts from an Artist

I don't exactly remember what led me to become a woodworker. What was attractive, I think probably, in this profession, is the idea that it is an art with a substantial historical background. And in line with all that, a technical history…

Innovation in Design

Just because something’s always been done one way doesn’t mean that’s the only way, or the best way, to do it. There will always be innovators looking for new and better ways to solve problems and meet demands.

Green Gables Visitors Centre

In the classic children’s novel Anne of Green Gables, the story’s plucky young heroine says, “It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” The team behind the construction of the Green Gables Visitors Centre couldn’t agree…