Cast iron piston air compressors

CR Range air compressors from Atlas Copco are a line of durable single and two-stage cast iron piston compressors said to combine reliability and maximum productivity for demanding applications.

The line offers a variety of customization options including auto drain, after cooler, low oil level switch, TEFC motor, NEMA4 control panel, pressure-lubricated pump, and simplex and duplex configurations.

Technical specifications include working pressures from 100 to 175 psig and flow capacities up to 72 cfm.

Single stage units are best for low demand applications up to 135 psi, while two-stage units can meet higher demands, offering pressures up to 175 psi, with higher duty cycle pumps.

All models come equipped with an electric drain, belt guard aftercooler, and low-oil level switch; the 10 and 15 hp models also come equipped with head unloaders.

The TN4 configurations also come with a TEFC motor and NEMA4 control panels.

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