Canfor to Temporarily Halt Production at Fort St. John Sawmill

Canfor Corporation has announced a temporary curtailment of operations at its Fort St. John sawmill, significantly impacting the local workforce and production schedules. The decision, which stems from challenging market conditions and high fiber costs, involves two separate curtailment periods, each lasting two weeks.

The temporary shutdowns are scheduled to commence on June 26, 2024, with the second phase starting on July 24, 2024. According to Canfor, these curtailments are necessary to align production with the current demand for wood products. The Fort St. John facility, which plays a crucial role in the company’s supply chain, will see a reduction in its output, affecting both the employees and the broader community dependent on its operations.

The decision is primarily driven by the ongoing challenges in the wood manufacturing sector, such as fluctuating market prices and increased costs of raw materials. In an internal memo, Canfor highlighted the need to manage production volumes carefully to maintain economic stability amidst these pressures.

The announcement has prompted reactions from industry stakeholders and analysts, with many viewing it as a necessary step to mitigate financial losses. However, the temporary nature of the shutdowns offers a silver lining, suggesting that Canfor is committed to resuming full operations once market conditions improve.

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