Canadian Wood: Perfect Fit For India’s Hospitality Sector

Forestry Innovation Investment

As part of Forestry Innovation Investment (FII)’s strategy to expand awareness and uptake of wood used in India, FII India has been working with local designers, architects, and manufacturers to incorporate Canadian wood species in hospitality projects.

Recently, FII India worked with architecture firm Wings the Design Studio and interior design company, Minimal Stroke on a restaurant project in Pune, India. The project – Celesto Bar & Restaurant – has a seating capacity of 300 and incorporates western hemlock and yellow cedar into various applications, including interior panelling, ceiling fixtures, and indoor and outdoor furniture.

The architects and designers wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere within the space–this led them to choose BC wood products, as they were already familiar with FII India from previous projects and had been introduced to BC species. FII India connected the designers with a local stockist supplying BC wood products and provided technical support throughout the project.

The project’s outcome was successful, with the designers noting that yellow cedar was an excellent fit for the ceiling design and outdoor furniture applications, given its visual appeal, low moisture absorption, and resistance to decay. Western hemlock also proved ideal for indoor furniture and wall panelling applications due to its strength-to-weight ratio and beautiful appearance.

The design team was pleased with their experience using BC wood on this project, and the overall look and quality of the products exceeded expectations. FII India continues to work with architects and designers to build relationships and showcase the advantages of using BC wood.

Featuring wood design and products in high-traffic establishments such as Celesto Bar & Restaurant builds upon the existing market development programs in India. It helps expand awareness of the versatile applications of BC wood products.

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