Wood Industry’s Industry Experts

Grace Tatigian

We’ve been running the e-digest for over a year now, and we’ve been working hard to make sure we deliver high-quality content every week. But now we’re taking it to the next level and starting on a new project. We’re currently working on curating a list of people for a new page on our website. We are pulling together a list of Industry Experts who help contribute to our weekly and quarterly publications.

What does that mean?

We are actively growing our list of contributors – lead designers, technology specialists, sustainability advocates, lean manufacturing consultants, the best of the best. What stops many people from submitting articles is that while they’re pros at what they do, they’re not writers. But that’s alright; we don’t need you to be writers.

We want industry experts’ perspectives and insight into the industry. 

Let’s say the Minister of Employment increased the maximum number of Temporary Foreign Workers allowed in positions in the wood product manufacturing – we want to include the perspective of an expert that we know and trust to give additional context. Maybe it’s a manufacturer struggling with the labour shortage or a board member of an association who has seen this kind of thing before and knows if this will help. They might contribute quotes, stats, or opinions. It would mean answering a short e-mail or picking up the phone to answer a quick call – that’s it.

Our Industry Experts page features headshots, bios, and profiles to give our readers the full idea of why we should be listening to these people. We could all stand to learn from one another. We have a fantastic group of regular writers and columnists, but we’re always looking to welcome new voices to the mix.

So we’re putting out this call, looking for people who want to share their expertise and help shed light on what’s happening in our industry. Without committing to writing, deadlines, and content production, you can get your thoughts out there. You can stick to what you do best. 

So if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts with the rest of our community, reach out at gracet@mediaedge.ca and let me know. I would love to chat and see how we can work together to include your knowledge in our publication.

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