Cabinotch Expands Reach with Acquisition of KCD Software

Owensboro,KY – Cabinotch, a leading provider of innovative woodworking solutions, announces its acquisition of KCD Software, an Award-Winning Custom Design to CNC Manufacturing software. The strategic move marks a significant step forward for Cabintoch Innovative Solutions’ commitment to better serving the needs of woodworkers and cabinetmakers worldwide.

The acquisition of KCD Software aligns with Cabinotch’s mission to empower woodworkers with cutting-edge technology, streamlining design processes, and enhancing production efficiency. By integrating KCD Software’s robust suite of solutions into its portfolio, Cabinotch aims to provide a streamlined beginning-to-end workflow for designing, rendering, and manufacturing custom cabinetry, closets and case goods.

KCD Software brings decades of expertise in delivering intuitive, comprehensive software solutions custom tailored to the specific requirements of cabinet and closet professionals. Their powerful suite of intuitive design tools enables users to render 3D designs, produce accurate cut lists, and optimize workflows, ultimately enabling businesses to achieve greater precision and productivity.

“We are thrilled to welcome KCD Software into the Cabinotch family,” said Cabinotch’s CEO Phillip Crabtree II. “This acquisition represents a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize the woodworking industry through innovative software. By combining Cabinotch’s patented manufacturing solutions with KCD Software’s design expertise, we will empower woodworkers with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.”

As part of the acquisition, Cabinotch plans to enhance and expand KCD Software’s offerings, leveraging synergies between the two companies to deliver even more value to customers. Existing users of KCD Software can expect continued support and access to new features and enhancements as Cabinotch invests in further development and innovation.  Closet Designers will be delighted to know that Cabinotch’s acquisition of KCD Software encompasses continued growth of KCD Software’s Closet Library suite of offerings.

John Murphy, KCD Software’s Founder and Creator, said “The true power of this marriage is that both companies were developed by cabinetmakers for cabinetmakers. The days of outsourcing are here, and the simplicity and power of KCD Software and Cabinotch enables woodworkers to embrace the role of a savvy businessperson.”

“While embarking on this journey of acquisition, it was paramount for us to find a partner who not only shared our vision but also honored and upheld KCD Software’s core values. In Cabinotch, we’ve found not just a buyer, but a collaborator who is committed to nurturing our legacy, taking care of our customers, and supporting our employees. This partnership ensures the continuity of our values and the preservation of our legacy as we move forward together.” – Tim Murphy, President of KCD Software.

KCD Software’s Founder, John Murphy, Tim and Tara Murphy, and the entire team of dedicated KCD Software employees will all continue with their active roles, ensuring customers a seamless transition into the next phase of KCD Software’s future.

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