Cabico Is Getting Back To Nature with New Collection

They say that nature heals all. That applies to the design world too.B.C.-based Cabico cabinetry, one of North America’s leading custom cabinetry brands, announced the launch of their newest collection of nature-based and inspired cabinet stains titled “Striking Nuances” to their product catalogue. The new stain line is characterized as being refined, earthy, and pristine. They are the final addition to Cabico’s “Unique and Essence Series” and are comprised of 13 nuances for kitchen and bath designs.

The stain collection is ideal for projects that want a rustic, natural aesthetic to match their interior or to make a statement. Cabico designer, Cindy Raymond, created the line based on her vision of natural elements from around the world to enhance a room and pair beautifully with other kitchen or bathroom elements. Raymond designed a mood board with her three favourite new finishes including Canyon on Cherry, Sienna on White Oak, and Italiano on Red Oak. Speaking with Marco Robert, director of sales operations at Cabico, Raymond describes the Canyon finish saying “I quickly got the idea to combine the Canyon finish with a warm Nordic decor. With raw materials in natural tones and gold-tinted hardware, the Canyon finish creates both contrasts and harmony between the colors.

Describing the Striking Nuances complete collection, Raymond states “This new collection of stains is made up of beautiful neutral, organic, and versatile shades that bring richness to the wood grain. These 13 additions enhance the portfolio of the Essence and Unique series and can be featured in a variety of design projects from contemporary to traditional.” 

“Striking Nuances” Cabinet Stain Collection

Unique Series (To enhance natural wood species, wiping and spray stains)











These are ideal on softwood species, such as Cherry, Red Birch, and Rustic Alder or species with very pronounced grains, including White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory and Black Walnut. We use an artisanal technique to reveal all their aesthetic potential. Sanding by hand is as crucial as the stains themselves. The pigment-rich stain is then applied liberally so that the wood absorbs it thoroughly. A craftsperson wipes off the excess stain to let the wood naturally reveal its character” says Robert.

Essence Series (Darker wood shades)

It takes much skill from our craftspeople, hand spraying is a mix of precision and artistry, as the application must ensure thin layers of finish. There is very little room for error to achieve a uniform and strikingly rich result.”

The new Cabico cabinet stain collection offers endless possibilities for interior projects. Back to nature never looked so good.

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