Building Resilient Economies: B.C.’s Commitment to Value-Added Manufacturing

The Government of British Columbia is making a significant investment in its rural communities through the support of value-added manufacturing projects. More than $1.2 million is being allocated to various expansion projects across northern B.C. This funding is part of the BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (BCMJF), which aims to support high-value industrial and manufacturing projects that drive clean and inclusive growth in the province.


Key beneficiaries of this initiative include:

Monster Industries Ltd. in Terrace: Receiving up to $466,000, this funding will aid in building a new fabrication facility and purchasing a new crane. This expansion will enable the manufacture of drying kilns for the forestry industry, crucial for the production of value-added wood products. The project is expected to create seven new skilled positions.

OT Timber Frames Ltd. in 150 Mile House: With funding of up to $235,000, the company plans to scale up the production of prefabricated homes and expand product offerings to include insulation components. This expansion involves adding two CNC machines and is projected to create five new positions while maintaining year-round employment for current staff.

New Wave Docks Ltd. in 100 Mile House: Aiming to double manufacturing capacity, this company will receive up to $300,000 for constructing a new 14,000-square-foot facility. This expansion is intended to diversify production and is expected to create up to 15 new jobs.

Conifex Mackenzie Forest Products Inc. in Mackenzie: With a grant of up to $105,000, Conifex will optimize production and improve product quality by purchasing new equipment, which will enhance competitiveness during lumber market fluctuations.

Bid Group Technologies Ltd. in Vanderhoof: Receiving up to $100,000, this funding will be used to expand manufacturing capacity and optimize parts-production processes, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for outsourcing.

This initiative is part of a broader effort by the B.C. government to support the growth of value-added manufacturing in the province. Earlier, the Ministry of Forests introduced a new program dedicated to establishing a fibre supply for small and medium-sized manufacturers. These efforts are focused on increasing the flow of fibre and expanding the local production of high-value wood products, diversifying the forestry sector, and buffering against global market challenges.

The BCMJF is a cornerstone of the Province’s StrongerBC Economic Plan, aiming to build a strong and sustainable economy through clean and inclusive growth. By supporting these projects, the government of B.C. is not only investing in the manufacturing sector but also in the communities and people that form the backbone of these rural and remote areas. The fund is instrumental in fostering a more innovative economy for B.C., aligning with the Province’s goals of economic resilience and sustainability.

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