Bridging the Gap Between Home Office and Guest Bedroom

Ariane Bouchard

When the pandemic hit, many people converted guest rooms into home offices, but now that the world is adjusting to the new normal, people are starting to travel again, visiting friends and family. Many homeowners are looking for a happy medium between their old guest rooms and new offices, needing something that checks all the boxes. 

Remember the quaint Murphy bed? Those pull-down beds that hid inside a closet or cabinet? Think again, as the Murphy bed is emerging as a chic new item in the most stylish guest bedrooms.

Tired of the old air mattress or uncomfortable sleeper sofa options, many homeowners are turning to Murphy beds to save space, offer comfort to visitors, and keep their guest bedrooms looking tidy when not in use. Creatively designed, these home fixtures might look like a lovely wardrobe on the outside, but they can be pulled down when needed to reveal a comfy full or queen-size bed.

Aiding the returning popularity of Murphy beds is the emergence of enhanced movement technology and vastly improved forms of TFL panels. TFL panels come in a rousing variety of colors and finishes that will bolster home economics, creativity, and hospitality, creating modern chic variations on the classic Murphy bed:

  • Sleek and white: Use a clean design to help the Murphy bed blend in with the surrounding space and make it less imposing. White TFL panels hide the bed and allow for creative flourishes in the rest of the room.
  • Make it look like an armoire: Instead of just a blank space hiding the bed, the clever use of a tan woodgrain coupled with some faux hardware can easily disguise the bed behind.
  • Don’t forget the inside: Many makers skimp on the inside. Although most people are simply using the bed to sleep, they often read, scroll, or watch TV before nodding off, so why should they look at blandness? Add some artful moulding, or use a few decorative TFL panels to add a touch of soothing elegance.
  • Add storage to the side: Build a bigger unit and add shelving and drawers to the side to create a multi-purpose workstation unit and allow for home decoration or give guests a place to store their clothing. A modern darker brown wood grain panel can elevate the entire room’s design. Designers and homeowners alike are rethinking decorative home options to create stylish guest bedrooms, thanks to the latest modern Murphy bed designs.

TFL panels come in an astonishing variety to match any décor, from homey to chic. Panels come in delicate finishes, strong wood grains, and bold colours to give customers and designers various options. It’s the perfect material to bring Murphy beds to the next level.

Ariane Bouchard is the Marketing Manager at Uniboard. She has collaborated with partners and consumers on strategic brand building, product launches, website redesign, and Omnichannel Marketing campaigns.

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