BOA-M Case Clamp Machine

Pillar Machines

The BOA-M is a manually operated Case Clamp designed to clamp cabinet boxes, drawer boxes, and case goods that have been doweled together. The dowel construction process produces more boxes per hour per employee than any other process. The case clamp is an integral part of this process. The Pillar Machine BOA-M98 is designed to meet medium to significant production needs while maintaining flexibility for various sizes. While parts are set up in the clamp, additional hardware, drawer slides, and doors can be installed.

The interwoven pressure beam design is faster than pod-style clamping systems. Constant and even force is applied through both beams evenly to force the box into a square location while the glue on the dowels is cured.
Ultimately case clamps speed up production, eliminate the need to post laminate finished ends, and ensure all boxes are clamped square. The machine has standard opening dimensions of 9” to 98” in width and 11” to 60” in height and uses a standard 110-volt connection.

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