Blum’s REVEGO revolutionizes the concept of living spaces with its innovative pocket system, offering new dimensions in space efficiency and design flexibility. Catering to the evolving demands of modern lifestyles, REVEGO seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics, allowing for the intuitive transformation of areas within homes. This ready-to-install solution, featuring fully integrated technology, simplifies the creation of multifunctional living areas, from kitchens to home offices and utility rooms. REVEGO is available in both single and double door configurations, accommodating door widths from 450 to 900 mm and heights up to 3000 mm, supporting door weights of up to 35 kg. Its concealed pocket system ensures a tidy appearance when closed, while the option for easy pre-assembly significantly eases installation processes. Designed for versatility and practicality, REVEGO enables the crafting of dynamic, adaptable spaces that respond to the changing needs of urban living, all while maintaining Blum’s hallmark of quality and innovation.

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