Blum Introduces EASYSTICK: Revolutionizing Precision in Cabinet Assembly

Blum, a leading name in the realm of furniture hardware and innovation, has unveiled its latest offering – EASYSTICK. This advanced ruler system is poised to revolutionize the assembly process, providing seamless machine set-up and impeccable drilling patterns for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.


Seamless Assembly with EASYSTICK

EASYSTICK, the brainchild of Blum, redefines the assembly landscape with its unparalleled capabilities. Engineered to simplify the assembly procedure, it boasts rapid and uncomplicated machine set-up and intricate drilling patterns. Operating the system is straightforward: input the workpiece dimensions and EASYSTICK will automatically compute the precise fitting positions. As a result, stops adjust seamlessly to the designated positions, and users are guided through the optimal fixing steps: position panel, drill holes, and the task is accomplished.


Elevating Drilling with MINIPRESS and EASYSTICK

Blum’s MINIPRESS drilling and insertion machines have long been synonymous with precision and efficiency. With the integration of EASYSTICK, these devices metamorphose into impeccable assistants, significantly curtailing set-up times, bolstering flexibility, and guaranteeing meticulous drilling.

Whether utilizing the MINIPRESS P or considering an acquisition of the MINIPRESS top, the incorporation of EASYSTICK elevates these machines to their zenith potential. Accuracy in drilling is augmented as EASYSTICK’s built-in computer allows direct input of settings into the machine. The selection of the appropriate box system, motion technology, and drawer side height triggers EASYSTICK to auto-calculate the precise drilling positions.


Stay Current with Effortless Updates

EASYSTICK’s dynamism extends to its software. Updates can be effortlessly downloaded and implemented via a USB memory device. This guarantees that EASYSTICK remains equipped with the latest features and product information, thereby ensuring optimal performance.


Integration for Error-Free Efficiency

The integration of data is seamless through EASYSTICK. Drilling data sourced from the Cabinet Configurator/DYNAPLAN can be transferred via a USB memory device. The inclusion of a barcode scanner streamlines the retrieval and editing of work orders, leading to reduced errors and time-saving advantages.


Precision at Every Turn

EASYSTICK’s mounting system is simple yet effective. Screwed onto the machine via a dedicated bracket, it seamlessly finds its place whether you’re adopting a new MINIPRESS or enhancing an existing one.


Revolutionizing Cabinet Assembly

The conventional ruler is replaced by EASYSTICK, reshaping frontal and cabinet assembly. This holds true even for pre-existing MINIPRESS top or MINIPRESS machines. As the illuminated markers on EASYSTICK signify drilling positions, the ruler’s movement is automated. The end result: precision in assembly is achieved while eliminating the need for subsequent adjustments.

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