Bigger Bathrooms Gaining Traction

Robert Isler

The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Design Trends 2022 Report focuses on the key design drivers in the industry over the next three years. The annual report zeroes in on Kitchen and Bath, forecasting styles, colors, materials, and technology as well as the most popular products in these two dominant home spaces.

The report was conducted with nearly 700 industry professionals; 57% were designers and 68% were NKBA members. Manufacturers, kitchen and bath specialists, dealers, showroom professionals, and remodelers completed 15–25-minute online surveys about the styles, features, materials, and products expected to be popular over the next few years. There is a distinct increase in millennials influencing design trends, leading to nature-inspired themes and bolder colours. 

One of the themes in NKBA’s 2022 Design Trends release was the expected popularity of larger primary bathrooms over the next three years. In fact, more than three in four designers who responded to the survey predicted this size increase. One in three believe the bathroom footprint will grow by at least 25%. So how will these more substantial bathrooms look, and what are their must-have features? The NKBA report provided answers.

The NKBA report explores creative ways to increase a bathroom’s size and the prominence of the features that are deemed most valuable. The most popular trend identified in the NKBA study is a larger shower. This could take the form of a two-person shower for couples – with separate showerheads – or a redesign for living-in-place, complete with a bench seat, zero clearance entry, and attractive grab bars. Hand-held and rain showerheads are among the most cited features likely to be part of this revamped shower. The tradeoff to secure the extra space involves the removal of the bathtub. Other predicted forms of enlargement include the removal of adjacent walls to create a connected closet or dressing area, connecting the bathroom to laundry facilities, connecting to a workout area, or adding comfortable seating.

The options are far greater for those who already have ample bathroom space. Double bathroom basins are on that list because they are both practical and indulgent while creating symmetry for the room’s overall look. A larger space allows for experimentation; mixing styles, such as two flooring materials, making the room more inviting and multi-functional.

Maximizing storage space with cabinetry is always a good idea. It can be made to resemble living room or bedroom furniture in a large bathroom, taking the bathroom to the next level. 

Robert Isler is a Market Research Analyst at National Kitchen & Bath Association. He develops macroeconomic and industry survey analyses for nearly 14,000 member companies comprised of manufacturers, designers, showroom owners, and specialists across North America. He also disseminates reports on current and anticipated trends within the $158 billion kitchen and bath industry.

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