Bi-directional one-way torque hinge


Sugatsune’s industry-leading torque dampers feature their Lapcon Technology with soft closing for fluid and effortless motion. The dampers may be used in various applications, such as bakery cases for food facilities, manufacturing machinery and OEM equipment, and toilet-seat covers for residential and commercial design. 

Along with this micro detent hinge, Sugatsune has a wide variety of powerful hinges for industrial applications. The HG-TQW8080 is a bi-directional one-way torque hinge designed to prevent slamming and allow easy operation. It has a heavy torque rate of 70.8 lbs-in (12” depth panel supports ~11-12 lbs). The torque direction reverses when the hinge opens at over 90°. This allows a flap to hold in position at all angles of 180° with smooth and light operation. Some applications this torque hinge can be used on are medical and scientific equipment, factory automation equipment, and office automation equipment. So something as easy as a powerful torque hinge that can ease the opening of a heavy lid and hold it in place can increase the workflow in operations.

Another new product to Sugatsune is the HG-ITHP, a heat-resistant torque hinge that can withstand up to 212 degrees F in heat-generating environments. This hinge mounts externally and has free-stop motion, which is to replace spring hinges that cannot free stop at every angle. This hinge is available in three models with different torque ranges (6.2 lbs-in / 13.3 lbs-in / 26.6 lbs-in). But what are the benefits of this product heat resistant? Common applications would be a commercial grill, outdoor kitchen equipment, industrial equipment like mixers and dryers, and temperature chambers. People do not want to touch something hot to hold open a lid cover constantly, so this torque hinge comes into play.

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