Behind a New Brand: Celebrating 40 Years of Canadian-Built Quality


Eurorite is one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in Western Canada. A design-focused manufacturing company, they build beautiful, premium quality European-style cabinets for every space in the home that are made to last. Eurorite was founded in 1981 by local firefighter Bill Longman. Even though they’re now a larger company with a larger product line based out of a larger facility, the same philosophy inspires their work: do things right so people can’t help but talk about it.

As Eurolite approaches their 40th year in business, they’ve decided to update their website and branding to reflect their work. This change is inspired by their commitment to manufacturing beautiful, affordable cabinets that are made to last.

For as long as Eurorite has been around, red and blue have been their colour palette. With their new brand, they’ve updated these with a modern look to reach their customers in the new decade. Red is vibrant, exciting, and alive. It grabs the eye and demands attention. Blue is a calmer, grounded colour. It’s simple, balanced, and humble, evoking the company’s identity, founded out of a garage. Both colours together create a balanced atmosphere that smartly complements the living spaces that they create.

Eurorite believes this new brand will allow them to enter a post-pandemic world with a stronger digital presence that better captures the essence of their organization. At the same time, their new brand will highlight the wonderful people who are the faces of their organization and stories from their community.

“After all these years, I’m amazed by Eurorite’s dedication to continuous improvement,” says founder Bill Longman. “I’m especially proud of our employees, our product, and the loyalty of all of our customers.”

The logo is designed to capture this in a clean, graphic “E”—a modern, timeless icon evolved from past looks—evoking the shape of a cabinet. While still feeling familiar to the history of Eurorite, their new logo presents a smart, versatile, and unique look for the future.

“Eurorite is a great story, one I’m very proud to be part of,” says Chris MacKinnon, who’s been the president and CEO of Eurorite since 2010. “While we have a lot of ambition and are focused on technology, machinery, materials, and advanced processes, our company would be nothing without its people. Without the caring behind it all, the customer experience falls short. We’ve always managed to learn and grow from each experience, and we make it right every time. We care.”

The new website reflects who Eurorite is and the value they bring through a modern, clean look that reflects the European design and style their company was built upon. Large imagery and open spaces let the content breathe and create beautiful spaces that visitors can experience by scrolling through. They’ve refined the user experience to intuitively guide visitors through the site as they explore the products they have to offer.


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