Bandsaw with Sliding Table FB 740 S


Felder’s new bandsaw with a sliding table is ideal for the tough challenges.

The “X-Roll” sliding table offers great cutting heights, large support surfaces, and variable cutting speeds for perfect results in industrial use. The variable cutting speed between 320-1120 m/min is particularly recommended when processing light metals and materials that tend to smear during cutting. The “X-Roll” sliding table guarantees the highest precision. Durable guides with a well-proven linear guiding system ensure absolute smooth running due to the roller bearing forced guidance. Due to the solid profile construction, the sliding table is entirely torsion-resistant. The “X-Roll” sliding table ensures perfect woodworking for many years and is protected from dust and maintenance-free. The 1500, 2050, 2500, 3200, or 3700 mm format sliding table guarantees maximum precision and convenience even when cutting large-dimensioned materials.

The powerful motor with a maximum power of 11 kW and up to 620 mm cutting height and sliding table lengths from 1550 to 3700 mm bring easy handling, absolute precision, and the highest efficiency to every workshop. The powerful motor with 3×400 V and 50 Hz delivers the absolute best performance and outstanding results when processing a wide range of materials.

The bandsaws guarantee perfect results and universal applicability with variable cutting speeds, bandsaw blade lubrication, and many other system solutions. With the optionally available electro-pneumatic belt lubrication device, the release agent is sprayed onto the saw blade against the running direction of the blade via a nozzle. The convenient hydraulic blade tensioning system guarantees absolute repeatability due to the precise display of the tension on the pressure gauge. Due to the constant optimum blade tension, you also benefit from a longer service life of the bandsaw blades. Due to the lubricating and, at the same time, cooling effect, this is a considerable advantage, especially when processing plastics or metals. The belt lubricating device supplies the bandsaw blade with release agents via a felt pad and thus cleans and protects it from resin and contamination.

The new bandsaw models are equipped with one upper and one lower table saw blade guide, including precision-adjustable side and rear rollers as well as a lockable adjusting screw. The rear roller prevents the blade from being pushed back during cutting; the left and right side roller support the blade when pressure is applied from the side. This is a significant advantage when cutting curves, for example.

The outrigger table with integrated workpiece roller offers maximum support surface for easy feeding of large-sized workpieces. The crosscut fence with a coupling system and ergonomic scale or read-off lens on the fence stops guarantees precise adjustment and crosscuts up to 2600 mm. The crosscut fence can be swivelled from 90° – 45° and has a standard fence stop. A fixed reference position is provided at 90°.

With the Felder Heavy Duty Line bandsaws, special precision cuts of mixed materials, such as wood-aluminium windows, are done with outstanding results.

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