B.C.’s Strategic Investments in Fraser Valley’s Wood Manufacturing Sector

The British Columbia (B.C.) government is taking significant strides to strengthen the manufacturing sector in the Fraser Valley, emphasizing the wood manufacturing industry. This move, involving over $1.3 million in investments, aims to create jobs, support local supply chains, and enhance the value of resources harvested in B.C. These efforts are part of a broader provincial initiative to foster economic development and innovation.


Key Developments and Investments:

  • Dynamic Windows and Doors Ltd. in Abbotsford is set to receive up to $755,000. This funding will facilitate the integration of automated equipment and new technology, boosting the company’s market competitiveness and creating nine new jobs.
  • Tiger Tool International Inc., also in Abbotsford, will benefit from up to $220,000 for acquiring precision tool manufacturing machines. This investment aims to diversify product offerings while creating three new jobs.
  • Western Wood Preservers Ltd. in Aldergrove is allocated up to $300,000. The company plans to expand and renovate its processing facility, potentially doubling its lumber production and creating seven new jobs.
  • Power Wood Corp. in Agassiz receives up to $50,000 for business planning and engineering for a new thermal modification facility, which could double specialty wood product capacity and potentially create 44 new jobs.

These projects, funded by the BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (BCMJF), reflect the government’s commitment to advancing high-value industrial and manufacturing projects that promise stable, family-supporting jobs and clean, inclusive growth.

Ministers Brenda Bailey and Bruce Ralston highlight the dual focus on innovation and job creation, emphasizing the role of technology in transforming manufacturing operations. The government’s approach aligns with the StrongerBC Economic Plan, which seeks to build a resilient, innovative economy through clean and inclusive growth.

Industry leaders like John Mathews (Dynamic Windows and Doors Ltd.), Chris Carter (Western Wood Preservers Ltd.), and Jake Power (Power Wood Corp.) express gratitude for the support, noting its critical role in their expansion and modernization efforts. These investments are seen as pivotal in maintaining competitiveness and securing employment in the B.C. economy.

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