Axalta Granted Three Awards for Innovation at Edison Awards

Québec- coating company Axalta, has become a leader in the global coatings industry. With over 150 years of business, the company has served around 100,000 customers with premium coating solutions, application systems, and technology. On February 9, 2023, Axalta Coating Systems won three prestigious awards for its innovative solutions. The company was awarded the 2023 Edison Awards in main categories dedicated to progress. Axalta’s Abcite 2060 Flame Spray Powder Coating, AquaEC Flex, and Self Priming Kitchen Cabinet Coating won for the Sustainability, Smart Transportation, and Material Science categories.

Axalta’s Abcite 2060 Flame Spray Powder Coating system provides exceptional anti-corrosion and mechanical abilities. Its powder coatings can only be applied in professional, manufacturing locations where ovens are available for cure. The device ensures the protection of large, metal structures and can easily repair them without hindering the structure. As a single-layer coating, it’s a sustainable alternative to multi-layered powder coating systems and has zero VOC emissions. The company’s AquaEC Flex enables electric vehicle designs with a sustainable electrocoat and protects vehicle battery packs while enhancing appearance. Axatla’s Self-Priming Kitchen Cabinet Coating solution combines three coating finishing system solutions into a single coating device with outstanding performance. The one-of-a-kind coating spray provides moisture and chemical resistance without requiring a clear coat layer. It increases productivity and is a more sustainable spray method.

The Edison Awards are named after the renowned inventor, Thomas Edison. Established in 1987, the awards present accolades to businesses in the service, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation sectors. The Edison Awards are an annual competition honouring product revolutionization and excellence. Ultimately the objective of the awards is to lead in globally recognizing and celebrating innovators and their impact across the globe.

We are thrilled to be an Edison Awards™ recipient for a fifth-consecutive year,” said Robert Roop, Axalta’s chief technology officer. “Our recognition is a testament to how Axalta continues to innovate smarter surface solutions for better living and a sustainable future. We are committed to providing the quality, innovative products, and services our customers have come to expect.”

All of the 2023 Edison Awards winners will be honoured at the 36th annual event in Fort Myers, Florida from April 19-21, 2023. Medalists will be granted Gold, Silver, or Bronze status at the awards show.

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