AWMAC’S Guarantee and Inspection Services Raised Fees On January 1st, 2023 Based on Type of Architectural Woodwork Project

On January 1st, 2023, the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada’s (AWMAC) Guarantee and Inspection Services (GIS) raised their fees. The increase was applied to all AWMAC’s GIS-specified projects that occurred on or after the first of January. Any projects tendered prior to January 1st will maintain the same rates as before that date since January 1st, 2016.

The GIS fee for the project is based on the amount in the architectural woodwork contract. This is the first increase applied to GIS projects since 2016 and is designed to help AWMAC maintain their commitment to ensuring exceptional services at all times.

GIS-specified projects under $25,000 have been increased by $50 and will now be $900 for each project. Projects that are a hundred thousand have been increased by $100 and are $1,600 per project going forward. The first $500,001 of all projects over $100,000 have increased by 0.1 percent and will now be 1.6 percent per project.

AWMAC’s GIS is designed to help you avoid risks, combat challenging clients and potential pitfalls with each of your projects. As an 18-year-old national program, AWMAC’s GIS is committed to delivering high-quality architectural woodwork that exceeds expectations. To ensure safety and avoid risk, AWMAC standards advise participants to spec AWMAC’s GIS in every tender, receive support from an AWMAC-certified inspector and obtain a two-year Certificate of Guarantee on architectural woodwork.

An AWMAC inspection is both a stamp of approval and a way to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. The AWMAC inspection will specify the guarantee and inspection service, define the AWMAC grade, complete reports and conduct follow-ups. Once the supply and installation of the architectural woodwork on a project are completed and comply with AWMAC standards, a two-year guarantee on the project is issued.

GIS is a three-step development with a written report issued for each stage. The first report is a drawing review by the Architect which determines whether or not the actions and materials utilized in the project abide by AWMAC standards. Secondly, the sample unit is inspected to ensure the manufacturing facility is in compliance with the standards. Finally, the architectural woodwork is inspected on-site to ensure compliance upon project completion.

GIS is designed to support and advise AWMAC members, inspectors, design professionals and other parties involved in the GIS. The GIS policy and procedures manual summarizes the standardized policies for the Canadian GIS program.

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