Awards and recognitions at “The Night of Xylexpo”

Griggio's Unica Safe saw
Griggio’s Unica Safe saw

Innovation is the common thread at Xylexpo2016, the biennial exhibition of wood and furniture technology and supplies, currently underway at FieraMilano-Rho in Milan, Italy, this month, an edition that promises to be successful according to initial attendance figures.

Further evidence came from “The Night of Xylexpo”, an evening when the XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Awards were handed out for the second time.

Maurizio Riva, co-owner of Riva1920 of Cantu, Italy, and awards testimonial host of Xylexpo 2016, awarded the winners of the “Primary operation and solid wood processing” category with prizes taken from his own collection, like all prizes selected by the organizers for the award winners.

The first prize went to Griggio from Reschigliano di Campodarsego (Padua, Italy) for “Unica Safe”, a blade retraction system with 5-millisecond reaction time, sensitive to human body conductivity for the effective prevention of accidents and injuries. The justification states: “A significant concept for operator safety, applying more efficient alternatives to previous similar solutions, specifically designed for small and medium businesses”.

The Imal FCB200 blister classifier defect catcher

The second place was assigned to Imal from San Damaso (Modena, Italy) for “FBC200”, a blister classifier designed to detect defects in different types of panels, especially particleboard, MDF and OSB. The justification: “Enhancement of an existing solution offering higher performance: expanded detection area, monitoring resolution, self-teaching”.

At number three, “Superangle 600” by Salvador from San Vendemiano (Treviso, Italy), a line for the production of sofas that integrates cutting, beveling and boring operations. The justification: “In sofa production, an effective integration of optimization, bevel cutting and drilling operations, so far separated, controlled through very flexible software”.

Lorenzo Primultini, Xylexpo president, presented the awards for the “Panel processing” category.

SCM Stefani edgebander with J-Shape capability

The first prize went to SCM Group from Rimini, Italy, for the Stefani-branded edgebanding solution “J-Shape”, a softforming process for complex surfaces. The justification: “It gives an excellent response to market requirements for the edgebanding of ergonomic profiles within a small footprint, using polyurethane glues for applications involving narrow radii and thick edges”.

At number two, Biesse Group from Pesaro, Italy, for their “Heat Control System” device to monitor the temperature of glue spread onto a panel before applying the edge. The justification states: “The device allows to measure temperature in spots far from the application area, to support the proper adjustment of process parameters”.

At number three, Metal World from Pavia di Udine, Italy, for “Turbo System”, a device to clean surfaces during milling operations. Justification: “The turbulence generated by compressed air ensures the effective elimination of processing scraps”.

ColourBrain Size optically-controlled measuring system

At the last minute, the jury assigned a special mention to the Konstanz, Germany-based company Baumer Inspection for “ColourBrain Size”, a modular measuring system for the high-precision optical control of finished panels.

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