Aventos HKi from Blum

The Aventos HKi from Blum is a compact lift system designed for overhead cabinetry, notable for its minimal space requirements. Key features include an exceptionally narrow 12 mm installation depth, enabling the system to be almost invisible when the cabinet is closed. The lift mechanism supports door heights up to 600 mm and cabinet widths up to 1800 mm, with a load capacity ranging from 2.3 to 18.8 kg. The Aventos HKi is designed for durability and smooth operation, incorporating a spring mechanism that can be precisely adjusted to accommodate varying door weights.

The system also features integrated soft-close technology, ensuring silent and controlled closing. Installation and adjustment are simplified with tool-free assembly options and integrated positioning templates. The Aventos HKi is compatible with various cabinet designs and materials, offering flexibility for diverse applications.

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