Automatic vertical panel saw for maximum cutting quantity and easy operation

The vertical panel saw Sector 1260 from Holz-Her is said to provide an ergonomic design, absolute precision and angular accuracy.

The upright panel saw allows one-man operation from panel storage to finished, precisely cut section. The automatic mode allows it to manage large cutting quantities in minimal time — after positioning the panel, it is only necessary to press a button to start the machine process.

Rapid cutting cycles are guaranteed by its infinitely adjustable feed rate of up to 25 m/min. The range of applications can be extended as required with accessories such as the patented Super Cut prescoring system.

This system operates with two scoring blades to score laminated panels ensuring tear-free edge quality right down to one tenth of a millimeter.

A further option is the professional cut optimization software, Opti-Base V-Cut for perfect optimization results through complete material utilization.

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