Automatic vertical cutting centre for panel makers

The Striebig Control Premium Class vertical cutting centre from Colonial Saw includes a touch screen, full wood back support, digital measuring, automated locking and pivoting of the saw head, locking of the saw beam and rollers, with automatic travel of the saw in both axes.

Besides variable (and consistent) feed speed, the vertical panel saw has a panel end sensor, so it stops at the end of the sheet, not at the end of the machine.

Similarly, it has memory for where it started the cut and returns to that point, again, not all the way to the other end or top of the machine.

It also includes a cycle selector switch so operators can have it wait at the end of a cut to give them time to off-load the last piece before the saw returns.

On the automatic saw, the operator can be off-loading the last piece while the saw is returning.

Also, the operator has both hands free to tend to the piece being cut, especially when the top piece of a horizontal cut may be a large, heavy piece.

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