Atlas Engineered Products Makes Hefty Wood and Wall Panels Purchase

Atlas Engineered Products (AEP) announced a $1.6 million purchase of new wall panels and engineered wood products to the public last week. The company has acquired and integrated leading Canadian truss, wall panel, and wood product companies since 2017. AEP’s mission is to preserve the legacy of the businesses they buy while protecting their financial interests and ensuring continued community support. Atlas’s annual revenue is between $3-15 million for most of its acquisitions and is constantly seeking out SMEs that are looking to sell their company, ensure the protection of their company’s name and monetize it.

The grand purchase made by AEP comes to around $1.6 million, with $850,000 of that amount being directly from wall panel sales. By the end of September 2022, the engineered products leader had $106,356 in revenues from their wall panel sales. This new million-dollar product order (PO) demonstrates a clear upswing in AEP revenues for wall panels especially. This new PO is exciting for AEP and the industry.

We are thrilled to receive this major purchase order as it furthers our expansion in to the wall panel industry,” said Hadi Abassi, CEO & president and founder of AEP. “This represents the next step of our strategic expansion to become a quality multi-product supplier to our customers by offering floor trusses, beams, roof trusses, and now, wall panels, all while maintaining high levels of customer service.

AEP’s ultimate objectives are to grow the sector and the companies they acquire for the long term. Their growth opportunities include:

  • Any gaps in the acquisition of the truss and wall panel manufacturing industries lead to advantageously priced purchasing opportunities.
  • Growth in residential, wood-framed buildings for families as affordable housing costs leads to greater investments in engineered wood products.
  • Combat the skilled labour shortage by providing opportunities for these workers in AEP projects.
  • Advanced software to develop every step in the process allows for control of the construction value chain.
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